Driver Schedule

Driver management made simple.

Driver Schedule software does the work for you.

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Automate the driver
scheduling process

Easily manage constantly changing personal schedules

Set consistent policies & rules for all drivers

Measure individual performance & company trends

Organize both drivers & office staff schedules

Implement recurring
training programs

Track employee time-off

Manage vehicle issues & maintenance

Driver & Staff Scheduling

Reduce the hassles of scheduling drivers and office staff in one easy-to-use program. Drivers can set their own schedules based on availability, or you can automatically create recurring schedules. Set rules and limits to ensure that you always have enough drivers.

Time-Off Tracking

Accurately track and streamline your time-off request process. Your staff will know exactly how much time they have earned and how much they have used. Allow employees to submit time-off requests, and completely manage your time-off policies online.

Time & Payroll Tracking

Our virtual time clock restricts employees from punching in early, notifies you if they are late, and easily tracks all hourly employees' time. Simple-to-read reports reduce the time you spend calculating payroll, and point out discrepancies between hours worked and scheduled hours.

Training Management

Keep employees up-to-date on policies and procedures with a built-in training module. Over 1,000+ driving knowledge, safety, and etiquette questions are included, or you can create your own. Trainings can be set up to be automatically "due" on a recurring basis.

Fleet Maintenance & Reporting

Allow drivers to tag vehicle problems and simultaneously notify your fleet manager. Track per-vehicle expenses and receive auto-alerts for expiring registrations, upcoming inspections, and more. Boost the quality and reliability of your fleet by keeping track of everything online.

  • The program is so easy to use, even the more "technically challenged" employees can figure it out. We entered our employee information and some custom company settings and turned it on. It was that simple and we've never gone back to our old, outdated calendars.

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