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Sample Company (5 days) + Free Trial (14 days)
Try all of Driver Schedule pre-loaded with dummy data so you can test everything without needing to input any of your own data (schedules, assets etc.). Days spent in the Sandbox do not count towards a 14-day free trial. A 14-day Free Trial can be initiated from the Sandbox at any time.
14-Day Free Trial
Try Driver Schedule using your own company's data (schedule, assets etc.). Kick the tires and test out all functionality for 14 days. Whatever you do here will be conviently saved and imported when you're ready to sign up.

Enjoy one (or both!) of the following before signing up:

Sample Company + Free Trial Try out a Sample Company for 5 days—no setup needed. Recommended Explore all that Driver Schedule has to offer, pre-loaded with sample data that you can play around with worry-free.
Free Trial Take a risk-free test drive for 14 days. Setup your account and get to work. This data is saved and brought online when you're ready to signup.

Ready to find out what Driver Schedule can do for your business? We recommend starting with the Sample Company, where you can get familiar with its features without uploading your own data. Then take the wheel—customize the platform for your business and industry during a free 14-day trial which includes full support.

Start today and see the power of Driver Schedule in action:

Easily manage schedules for drivers & back office staff

Notify employees when they're scheduled to work

Track time worked & compare with scheduled hours

Automate staff time-off requests

Measure performance & track work trends

Manage vehicle issues & maintenance