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Enterprise Scheduling

If you have special scheduling needs, Drivers Schedule’s Enterprise package includes our full range of scheduling, availability, appointment, route management, and GPS tracking features, plus custom programming to create the features and functions you want.

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Enterprise Scheduling, Appointments, GPS & Custom Programming:

  • Driver Availability with Driver Portal & App
  • Auto-Shift Schedule Templates Auto Populates Schedule
  • Office Staff Schedule
  • Virtual TimeClock with Geolocation Capture
  • License & Permit Expiration Reporting and Tracking
  • Payroll Processing & Reporting with Payroll Service Integration
  • Time-Off & Leave Management, Reporting and Tracking
  • Asset Maintenance Tracking
  • Multiple Locations Time Zones, Geographic, etc.
  • Full-Featured Driver App for both iOS and Android
  • Custom Availability Controls and Restrictions
  • Training & Testing Management for Drivers and Staff
  • Driver Ratings & Status Classification
  • Custom Driver Groups
  • Blast™ Email Communications
  • Driver to Staff Messaging
  • Document Reference Upload Center
  • Robust Reporting Options
  • Custom Logo Login Page
  • Vehicle Issue Reporting via Driver App
  • Vehicle Repair Cost Management
  • Vehicle Registration & Inspection Notifications
  • Automatic Driver & Staff Email Reminder Notifications
  • Activity Tracking

Also included in the Enterprise Plan:

  • Custom Driver Checklists
  • Predictive Shift Planning
  • Active Shift Coverage Reporting
  • Alert Drivers to Open/Available Shifts
  • Appointment & Route Scheduling
  • Recurring Route Scheduling
  • Appointment Time Planning with Google Maps™
  • Dispatch by Driver Availability
  • Auto-Scheduling: Optimize & Assign with 1-Click
  • Real-Time Driver Appointment Time Tracking
  • Customer Signature Acknowledgement
  • Alert Drivers to Open/Available Appointments
  • Automatically Dispatch with Unique Driver Bidding Feature
  • Real-Time GPS Appointment Tracking
  • Fleetwide GPS Location View
  • No Installed Equipment Needed
  • Map, Satellite & Street Views
  • Saved Data to Refer Back
  • Privacy Mode Only Tracks on the Job
  • Increase Driver Efficiency
  • Improve Vehicle Utilization
  • Eliminate Employee Fraud
  • Custom Implementation
  • Custom Add-Ons
  • API Integration
  • Tell Us the Features YOU Want

Let Driver Schedule Do the Work for You!

Easily manage schedules for drivers & back office staff

Notify employees when they're scheduled to work

Track time worked & compare with scheduled hours

Automate staff time-off requests

Measure performance & track work trends

Manage vehicle issues & maintenance


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Includes all scheduling features plus custom programming to meet your specific scheduling needs.

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