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Premium Scheduling

With plans starting at $199.90 per month, Driver Schedule's Premium package includes driver availability, office staff scheduling and PTO management, appointment and route scheduling, real-time GPS tracking and more.

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Premium Scheduling, Appointments & GPS:

  • Driver Availability with Driver Portal & App
  • Auto-Shift Schedule Templates Auto Populates Schedule
  • Office Staff Schedule
  • Virtual TimeClock with Geolocation Capture
  • License & Permit Expiration Reporting and Tracking
  • Payroll Processing & Reporting with Payroll Service Integration
  • Time-Off & Leave Management, Reporting and Tracking
  • Asset Maintenance Tracking
  • Multiple Locations Time Zones, Geographic, etc.
  • Full-Featured Driver App for both iOS and Android
  • Custom Availability Controls and Restrictions
  • Training & Testing Management for Drivers and Staff
  • Driver Ratings & Status Classification
  • Custom Driver Groups
  • Blast™ Email Communications
  • Driver to Staff Messaging
  • Document Reference Upload Center
  • Robust Reporting Options
  • Custom Logo Login Page
  • Vehicle Issue Reporting via Driver App
  • Vehicle Repair Cost Management
  • Vehicle Registration & Inspection Notifications

Also included in the Premium Plan:

  • Automatic Driver & Staff Email Reminder Notifications
  • Activity Tracking
  • Custom Driver Checklists
  • Predictive Shift Planning
  • Active Shift Coverage Reporting
  • Alert Drivers to Open/Available Shifts
  • Appointment & Route Scheduling
  • Recurring Route Scheduling
  • Appointment Time Planning with Google Maps™
  • Dispatch by Driver Availability
  • Auto-Scheduling: Optimize & Assign with 1-Click
  • Real-Time Driver Appointment Time Tracking
  • Customer Signature Acknowledgement
  • Alert Drivers to Open/Available Appointments
  • Automatically Dispatch with Unique Driver Bidding Feature
  • Real-Time GPS Appointment Tracking
  • Fleetwide GPS Location View
  • No Installed Equipment Needed
  • Map, Satellite & Street Views
  • Saved Data to Refer Back
  • Privacy Mode Only Tracks on the Job
  • Increase Driver Efficiency
  • Improve Vehicle Utilization
  • Eliminate Employee Fraud

Add-on Shift Scheduling for only $0.50/user per month!

Let Driver Schedule Do the Work for You!

Easily manage schedules for drivers & back office staff

Notify employees when they're scheduled to work

Track time worked & compare with scheduled hours

Automate staff time-off requests

Measure performance & track work trends

Manage vehicle issues & maintenance


$4.00 per user/month +$199.90 base fee per month USD (local taxes may apply) Signup for a Free Trial *No credit card required.

Includes driver availability, scheduling for office staff, appointment and route scheduling.

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