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Auto-Assign Scheduling

Our proprietary auto-scheduling feature, which is included in our Advanced Plan, allows you to quickly and easily assign your employees to any open appointments, trips, reservations, routes or shifts based on their availability.

Our proprietary algorithm will look at which employees are available and evenly distribute the work to them. You can review the schedule before publishing it and choose to save the results or try again using different criteria to get your preferred result.

The auto-assign scheduling feature can be used to schedule as little as one day, or as much as a full week, and it will consider the following when automatically assigning shifts:

  • The employee’s availability and work preferences
  • Whether the employee is already assigned to another appointment or shift
  • The employee’s approved time-off requests
  • The employee group or appointment type
  • Your maximum hours per week and/or per day
  • Your set “grace period” for when an appointment or shift falls just short of their availability
Auto-assign interface

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