Driver Schedule

Staff & Driver Training Management

The key to any successful business is the knowledge of your staff. Knowing the answers to client questions or how to handle a particular situation without having to ask someone else is not only efficient, it’s the sign of a good business. Driver Schedule’s employee training management software includes more than 1,000 questions that relate to driver etiquette and driving knowledge – the type of questions you would see on a Motor Vehicle Test prior to getting your driver’s license.

The online training management software also supports customized staff training for your drivers, office staff or other employees. You can modify our questions or you can input your own for a more customized educational program. You decide on the number of questions, which questions, the passing grade, and how often the tests are required.

The online course management software supports a variety of education options, including:

  • Individual tests
  • Department targeted tests
  • License type targeted tests
  • System lock-outs for individuals who haven’t completed a test by a deadline